Dianah Mieglich. Embracing change.

Ardent advocate for regional communities. Proud South Australian with a global view.

Welcome to my official revamped website.  Here you will find archived material from my 2013 Senate Campaign, widely known as “A Partnership with Purpose.”


Medical Cannabis - At this link you will find information relating the very important issue of Medical Cannabis and more broadly Cannabis and Hemp. 


Through this website and my blogs, I will share my thoughts and observations about many current and continuing issues.  I would be pleased to receive your feedback and I invite you to join me in the conversations.


My motivation and inspiration has not diminished, indeed it has been buoyed.  I gave a commitment to listen intently to my community and to advocate for causes I believe in.   With guidance and support from likeminded people, I will continue to champion issues which are vital to a robust, resilient and progressive Australia. 



Integrity ·  Resilience ·  Courage ·  Listening ·  Learning ·  Leading