Medical Cannabis

At this link you will find information relating the very important issue of Medical Cannabis and more broadly Cannabis and Hemp.


It has been my privilege to work, in an advocacy role, with the newly formed Cannabis Council of South Australia (CCSA). CCSA is an initiative of like-minded individuals whose aim is to work collaboratively towards the legalisation of Cannabis and Hemp in all its forms; industrial, medical and social. 



CCSA Mission:

To create positive change to the Cannabis laws in South Australia through public and political consultation and by the dissemination of evidenced based information to inform policy.  Public conversation will be at the centre of this.

CCSA is not for profit and at this stage being run by volunteers.  Their plan is to communicate with legislators without using the media in the hope of achieving progressive cannabis and hemp laws in SA.


CCSA is apolitical and managed by local leaders in their fields. In working with the public and government bodies  they hope to educate/assimilate knowledge and bring about positive change to the Cannabis laws in this state, for ALL forms of consumption, social, industrial, medical and religious purposes. 


The team are a group of knowledgeable and focussed people with skills in all areas of Cannabis law reform, from seed to home, the legal perspective and more.




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