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As we head towards 2050 and beyond, our society will be faced with many challenges.

Climate change, food security, equality, justice, health and welfare challenges are but a few. Here I share my thoughts and observations about many current and continuing issues. I would be pleased to receive your feedback and I invite you to join me in the conversations.

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Shadow Representative for Everything!

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On Thursday night I was one of many Senate Candidate hopefuls who attended a forum hosted by GetUp at Adelaide Uni.

GetUp is an independent, grass-roots community advocacy organisation which aims to build a more progressive Australia by giving everyday Australians the opportunity to get involved and hold politicians accountable on important issues.

I had two minutes to ‘sell’ my 'product' and I wanted to share some of those words with you.  I have also included additional commentary which I did not have time to articulate on the night.

Here's an excerpt.

To truly represent the views of South Australians, I have taken to the road less travelled.

In the past weeks, I have driven more than 15,000km and have traversed about half of our beautiful state.

I have listened to those whom I hope to represent in the Senate.

People spoke to me about:

·        business challenges

·        their concerns around foreign ownership of our arable land

·        the threat this could cause to our food and water security

·        and they shared their concerns about our economy and our nation’s significant debt.

What I would bring to the Senate would not be a law degree or an economics degree but rather life lessons learned from:

·        working for a living in grassroots public service

·        being a mother

·        being an industry lobbyist

·        and having recent and relevant experience at negotiating with those on all sides of government

It is impossible to cover off in 2 minutes what I have learned and achieved in a few weeks by listening intently, however I can offer a snapshot:

·        Emergency Services Volunteers and their ‘day job’ employers would support measures in the form of tax concessions, so they are not out of pocket when they volunteer.


·        The National Rural Women’s Coalition is advocating for RURAL PROOFING – a process of checking the effect that all policies and programs could have on rural communities.


·        For the wild-harvest sector of the Seafood Industry, maintenance of the fuel levy rebate is vitally important to profitability and continued viability. 

·        Beekeepers, Martin & Lorraine Gilbert shared their passion and their concern for their industry.   A report by the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation from last year estimated the value of pollination services from honey bees at $1.7 billion in Australia. 

·        The Psychologists Association, mindful of mental health and wellbeing are seeking to reinstate the Better Access program sessions for Psychological Services


·        Rates of Centrelink Income support need to be increased to lift recipients out of poverty.


·        We must continue to support innovations that improve the competitiveness of renewable energy technologies and increase the supply of renewable energy in Australia.


·        Most are appalled at both the Government’s and the coalition’s policy in processing asylum seekers.


·        Resoundingly though, I heard over and over again – without our environment there is no economy


While some candidates have made token visits, flying in and flying out of regional centres, making comments about roads and other matters, we have been driving those roads, stopping along the way to discuss the issues that concern the people of South Australia.

While most candidates are city-centric and some only have one platform, we have been talking to the people who produce a significant part of the state’s income, be that from harvesting the land or harvesting the sea.  We have been listening.

With the sheer magnitude of the issues I have learned about I feel like the ‘shadow representative for everything!”

So…if elected to the Senate, I pledge to be just and to put our State, its people and more broadly, all Australians at the centre of everything I do.

A vote for our unendorsed group, in Group L, above the line on the Senate Ballot Paper is the Logical choice.


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A proud South Australian, Dianah is family and community focused. She has a strong work ethic and commits fully to any role she undertakes – whether it is in a paid or voluntary capacity.
Dianah is an excellent communicator, an empathetic listener and is known for her ability to grasp a sense of the ‘bigger picture’ in her work, family and community life.

With 30 years of grassroots public and community service under her belt Dianah is ready to take her passion for her community as far as she can. Following an unsuccessful Senate bid in 2013 Dianah is now focussing on the future and continued advocacy for her regional community.
Dianah spent four-and-a-half years (2009 - 2013) as Assistant to Independent Member for Frome Geoff Brock MP. This has inspired and motivated her to continue in public service in a voluntary capacity. Among other employment, Dianah has worked for Centrelink, Social Security and Regional Development Australia Yorke & Mid North and is passionate about volunteering. Her children are third generation CFS Cadets. Dianah is currently self employed.

Embracing change, Dianah is an ardent advocate for regional communities, a proud Republican and a staunch supporter of legalising Medical Cannabis and Industrial Hemp. Dianah is also a keen supporter of the State's seafood industry and all facets of primary production.
Dianah's mantra is "Without our environment we have no economy." Dianah believes securing our food and water into the future is not something we should hope for but rather something we should strive for.
Dianah shares a global view.


  • William crawford
    William crawford Monday, 02 September 2013

    I have lived in a country that does not have the "Westminister" system of Parlament For over 800 years "Direct Democracy' has been the system used in Switzerland. I advocate that Australia use the same system it really is power to the people. In addition to that I be leave that politicians be subject to "recall" should the electorate realise that they have elected a "duffer" ie a lazy or inept or a politician who changes his party once elected. The electorate having given the politician the opportunity to explain his actions, if his explanation of his actions are unacceptable can call a by-election and if necessary replace him. Once deselected all parliamentary 'perks' cease ie no pay, no pension for life. This would make the politician accountable directly to the people he is elected to represent. This 4year watt for a general election is too crude.

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  • Dianah Mieglich
    Dianah Mieglich Saturday, 25 January 2014

    William, I would like to use your comment in a blog I hope to publish this week. If you are subscribing to this site and can see this...as a courtesy, may I have your permission?

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