Dianah Mieglich and John Rohde are running for the Senate. Within their campaign they are using both traditional forms of media as well as many levels of social media. This page contains links to video clips, news stories and other media events.


The gallery page shows photos from the campaign trail and is continually being updated. 


Campaign Launch

View the launch speeches made by Dianah and John.

View Dianah Mieglich speech here.

View John Rohde speech here.


BIO - Dianah Mieglich 

View the full Bio on Dianah here.


Partnership Announcement

View the full partnership announcement here.


Be inspired by our YouTube video clips

Learn about what we believe in and what our philosophies are. Also find out what others are saying about us. View YouTube.


Dianah Mieglich

  • What's so good about South Australia? Hear Dianah's thoughts - view video
  • Climate Change - if you need evidence, look to science - view video.
  • We won't turn back asylum seekers - view video.
  • Our Campaign Budget - view video.
  • Time to bring the 'care-factor' and statesmanship back into Politics - view video


John Rohde

  • Adapting to our changing environment - view video.
  • John speaks about leaving the Labor Party - view video.
  • John Rohde speaks candidly about his values - view video.


Short video clips for you to share

If we have inspired you with the longer video clips then you might want to share your thoughts with your friends. These short clips will help you explain why Dianah Mieglich and John Rohde are worth considering in the September Federal Election.

  • Children's eyes - view video
  • We want to earn your precious vote, not buy it - view video
  • Dianah & John take a drive down 'Senate Road' - view video
  • The Mighty South Aussies.... (comedy) - view video


News stories of relevance to the campaign and the September federal election

  • The Partnership with Purpose - view video
  • Senate Campaign Launch - view video
  • Do you know where your seafood comes from? - view video
  • The team visit Port Pirie and meet with local student leaders - view video
  • Saeid the Champion! Asylum seeker finds success - view video
  • Support bricks & mortar retailers or buy online? - view video
  • Sanctions applied to Moonta Aged Care Facility - view video
  • Local coverage of Labor Leadership spill - view video